the art show and the car park

April 2011

The launch of swancon36/natcon50 included a retro-futuristic art show called Future Imperfect.  You can download the catalogue and see the other works here.  The opening speech may not have been fantastically relevant, but the crowd seemed entertained.  By far the best part of the night was the carpark.  That might sound terrible; just wait until you see the photos!

Our theory is that the janitor got locked down there and went mad.  Nothing fancy, but it’s a start.


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4 Responses to “the art show and the car park”

  1. sandy says:

    Oh I’m not sure lol.. I did the Glyde Mobile and Lux-O-bot ones… I went to the opening but that was it really. Did you hear the exhibition is maybe travelling too?

    • jenna says:

      i did hear that, and i’m very glad, because it means i can replace the prints that got damaged and maybe sell some!

  2. sandy says:

    I really loved your works involved with the exhibition. Great work.

    • jenna says:

      Thanks, yours too! you were on the technique discussion panel right? wish i had seen it. The theme panel was fun: tiny audience; very engaged.