disappointment tuesday

May 2011

Welcome to Disappointment Tuesday at the Art Gallery of WA.  Thanks to our footy-and-beer-loving government, our state art collection was closed to the public on three of the five days that made up a very long weekend – and this was during school holidays, when parents love to do the cultural circuit of museum, art gallery etc.  Someone pointed out that it is possible to have this small disappointment event in front of the contemporary gallery on monday, state gallery on tuesday, museum on wednesday.. in short, it is impossible to complete a tour of Perth’s cultural centre unless you come late in the week.

I came to catch some of the visitors as their plans for the next half hour unravelled, asking them to stand for a portrait. Thankyou to all the interesting people who stopped to talk to me, and especially to the generous lady who gave me some cash even though i was not busking.


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  1. Jack Wolfe says:

    Hey I found that sketch again, in one of my old books. Good thing you put the website on the sketch.
    I had come to see the gallery to show someone something, its closing was harsh but i found out why. On sport days they’ve had previous problems with drunk footy fans thinking they might stumble into the gallery.

  2. Bronwyn says:

    So did the kids get to keep their portraits, or have you hung onto them? If you were giving away your sketches, then I can understand the woman paying you. If they hang onto them until you’re famous, they could fetch a lot of money! :-)

    • jenna says:

      yeah i gave them away. They seemed pretty happy.
      They’ll probably forget about it, like the portrait you bring back from Italy.
      Saying to someone that you want their work now so that you have this priceless thing when they’re famous is pretty offensive if you think about it. “I want to exploit your desperate and starving situation now, fully recognising your potential, so that when you have fought your way to the top i can mooch off your success and pretend that i somehow helped you get there.”
      Sorry that was a bit pessimistic just now, it’s pretty draining work; even that short stint i did for fun. I have heard good things about busking in Fremantle, so i will see if that is good for balancing-out sessions in Perth.

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