Live painting for MasterPEACE

December 2011

Let me tell you from start to finish from Jenna Downing on Vimeo.

Somehow through my sketching escapades (namely at the zoo of all places), I was invited to organise a group painting/sketching event as part of MasterPEACE, a one-night visual art exhibition at the end of the ARTillery festival (Amnesty International’s human rights festival). This year the organisers wanted more live components to complement the static works and engage the audience. There were musicians, solo painters, an open chalkboard event, and I wandered with my sketchbook.

I organised a pre-recording of the live group painting that would screen on the night and develop as people meandered around the exhibition. The piece was arranged around the simple theme of presence/absence, anonymity and disembodiment. I wanted to use silhouette and started scouting for the largest windows. Frisk Cafe agreed immediately to my outrageous request to completely cover their window in paint and then take it off again. Plenty of fellow sketchers jumped at my idea also, making it a really fun conclusion to a very intense preparation process (oh, but then comes the editing)..

Interesting note: standard wallpaper paste is the most amazing thing for sticking paper to glass – it stuck immediately and peeled off like a plastic sheet. I had come prepared with scrapers and brushes but only needed to give it a quick rinse.

Jane Chang
Renae Coles
Joseph Filocamo
Nadia Johnson
Tina Lam
Chi Lito

Special thanks:
John Downing and Mark Splittgerber for documentation,
Frisk Cafe for trusting us with their beautiful window.




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