Live projection at Blazing Swan fundraiser

August 2015

 Blazing Swan, the official West Australian chapter of Burning Man, put on an awareness and fundraising event in 2013 called Synchronicity. It was scheduled to coincide with The Burn.

I packed projector, netbook, and graphics tablet into my bicycle basket and arranged to meet some friends from the Perth sketchgroup.

We managed to squeeze in a 15 minute session with the theatre screen. Joe tackled the new interface gallantly, and after a few frustrated remarks and some determined linework, handed the stylus to me for rendering. Tina supervised and advised on colour selection.

Later we found a dance studio with a blank wall; the room also contained most of the hyper-active children from this family-friendly event (cue handstand competitions with a 10 yr old). Tina kicked off the projection proceedings and astounded the children, who all clamoured to be allowed to have their turn next. There was no lack of references to internet memes in their drawings.



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